​​James Denny Townsend Communications

Book Ghostwriting Services


If you have neither the time nor experience to write your book, I can write it for you … or rather I should say, with you. The key to good ghostwriting is a strong connection between you and your ghostwriter. He must have a deep curiosity about your subject, and a talent for asking probing questions that reveal the passion you have for your subject. In other words, he needs to “get you.” This is key that breathes life into your story and that will captivate readers.

How it works:
– We enter into a dialogue, a conversation about your subject, with me encouraging you to share your thoughts and stories, even the ones you may have forgotten.

– I begin to create a narrative in your unique voice, periodically presenting it to you for further comments, clarification, and elaboration.

– You provide other contacts, diaries, or additional materials that you think may be useful.
– I deliver to you a finished manuscript,  copyedited,  proofread, and ready for commercial or self-publication.

I can help write your:
– Self-help book – Perhaps you’re a public speaker with a unique method for achieving one’s goals in life. Write the book that will grow your audience, one you can sell at your presentations.
– Business success books – Tell the world how you achieved your success, what you think others in business should know, or principles you followed.
– Memoir/autobiography – Leave a legacy for your loved ones or for the world. Share the high and low moments, and what these taught you about life and living.

– Call-to-action book — Inspire your readers to create change in the world, to show up for themselves and their deeply held beliefs.