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“Where have you been all my writing life? You are able to take what I am trying to say and turn it into a perfect article that still reflects my words, but is said in a much better way. Working with you is a joy!”

— Joe Kort, Ph.D, MSW, MA, psychotherapist, coach and author


“James Townsend was a blessing in my life. He helped me at a critical time with my book, Getting Unstuck. I had never written a book before and he guided me through the process.  He was patient, kind, informed, knowledgeable, and most of all a mentor to me. I always eagerly awaited his editing so see how he was able to turn my mundane sentences into ones that had life and impact. He used his semantic wizardry to clarify my thoughts and intentions.  He was always encouraging me when I started to slack off or get discouraged, but he was never pushy.  One of the comments about my book is that it has a lot of heart in it.  I believe it was not only my heart, but his heart is part of it.  Thank you, James.”

— Jon Winder, LPC, LSATP, author of Getting Unstuck: Practical Guidance for Counselors


“James made a significant difference to Jupiter Justice. He caught two plot errors that my beta readers and I all missed! He also strikes a solid balance between making suggestions and supporting the author’s vision for his or her work. He helped me polish my novel, bringing it to a quality beyond what is seen with many traditional publishers today.”

– Don Hunt, author of the science-fiction mystery, Jupiter Justice


“James and I worked extraordinarily well together for nearly a year on my book, Speak Dolphin: Deciphering the Dolphin Code, developing a deep relationship through his excellent interviewing, writing, and editing skills. I am grateful that he enabled me to bring the story of my life’s work and research to the printed page. I could not have done it without him, and I highly recommend him as an editor and ghostwriter.”

— Jack Kassewitz, scientist, animal activist, and dolphin researcher


“The excellent writing skills of James D. Townsend and his encouragement have made this book a reality. I am indebted to his grasp of the seriousness of the issue and my need and desire to tell how this tragedy took a turn into the unknown. I was never aware of any indecision on his part. When I had interruptions in the process, he was always there to get me back on track and he is the best. I thank him for everything.”

— Nancy Wild, author of For Zacky:
Where Is the Accountability When a Child Drowns?


“James is a present and brilliant example of a man who understands the physical and spiritual realms in which we live. To work with an editor who understands both the written word and its derivation is a true gift. For anyone, including James, to have the patience to walk beside me all the way Back to the Starting Line of Life is a true blessing.”

– Patrick Detscher, Author of Life Unbolted:

A Journey Back to the Starting Line of Life


“James is as professional an editor as they come. I had worked with him in the past regarding articles and was impressed enough to try his skills on my new book. All I can say is I am happy I did! Not only is he thorough, he is not afraid to let you in on what can make the material shine even brighter. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with James again and I would confidently recommend his services to anyone looking to take their work to the next level!”

Brad King, MS, MFS, Nutritional Researcher and Bestselling Author, www.AwakenYourBody.com


“James’ extensive experience as an editor and author is quite apparent in working with him. As an editor he shows himself to be keenly aware of both the intended audience of a piece and the writer with whom he is working. Together his guidance and vision prove insightful, pointed and useful; James is an archetype of his craft.”

Brad Douglass, Education and Regulatory Consultant,
Jarrow Formulas


“James is highly knowledgeable, efficient and at the cutting edge of his field. I have thoroughly enjoyed our working relationship and look forward to many more great interactions and results.”

– Sandja Brugmann, Founder/Creative Strategies, ReFresh Agency


“James Denny Townsend is one of the deepest thinkers and most effective communicators I have had the pleasure of working with. He’s capable of synthesizing ideas, thoughts and concepts into the written word better than anyone I know. His talents are extensive and he is able to flow with many different types of people and projects.”

– Bill Capsalis, Founder, MarkEconomics. LLC